Choosing The Best Neurofeedback Specialist

neurofeeback specialistA good neurofeedback specialist can help you train your brain and improve brain functions without taking medicine for it. How many brain-related illnesses have been treated with the help of the neurofeedback method? Starting from the common migraine to serious conditions such as ADHD or bipolar disorder, to the autistic spectrum, many conditions can be treated and improved with the help of the right neurofeedback specialist.

What are the attributes of a good neurofeedback professional?

A good neurofeedback specialist must possess the following qualities:

  • One or more certifications in various neurofeedback methods, such as the traditional EEG or the newer LoRETA;
  • Extensive knowledge in neuroscience;
  • Ability to work with the various tools required for neurofeedback, starting from analyzing the classical EEG to being able to handle 3D neurofeedback as well;
  • Ability to interact on a deeper level with people and help them achieve their desired goal while practicing neurofeedback;
  • Empathy and patience, as well as attention to detail and a desire for a job well done;
  • A continuous interest for the latest developments in the field of applied neuroscience and neuropathy.

When searching for a good specialist, make sure they show these traits before making a decision.

What goals can you achieve with the help of the right neurofeedback specialist?           

No matter if you are suffering from a serious condition in relation to the brain or you only want to improve your brain’s overall functions, applying for a neurofeedback program can help you do that in as many sessions as you need.

A good neurofeedback specialist should be able to help you reach goals such as:

  • Improved performance – lawyers, musicians, high executives or athletes are often interested in enhancing their cognitive ability and mental functioning, which is why it is no surprise they prefer neurofeedback as a way to reach their whole potential;
  • Emotional balance – when you are dealing with problems like stuttering, anxiety, anger, impulsivity, an annoying habit, as well as depression or lack of motivation, choosing a neurofeedback specialist to help you back on track will usually work wonders, no psychiatrist needed;
  • A solution to problems like poor sleep quality or chronic fatigue as well as a way to overcome trauma or the chronic state of heightened awareness as a result of that trauma – in this case, neurofeedback addresses the subconscious level of your brain, helping it shift into a normal pattern again, no reliving of the event necessary;
  • Self-development and a more creative approach on life – neurofeedback is perfect if you want to put some order in your mind and discover that happy thoughts can be trained as well;
  • Addressing youth-related problems such as behavioral issues and attention problems, as well as hyperactivity, autism or developmental problems.

Neurofeedback – a technique that works wonders with the right person by your side

If you are worried that your child or your relative will not be able to handle the world as they are suffering from autism, dyslexia or other developmental issues, do not despair.

By relying on a good specialist in neurofeedback, you may find yourself brimming with hope once again, as your child or relative will be in the care of professionals who will adopt an integrated “back to basics” approach, including nutrition, sensory skills and neurofeedback training. That way, your dear one may have a chance at a normal life, a happier life within the society. San Diego neurofeedback specialist Dr. Michael Villanueva has years of experience with QEEG to provide the most comprehensive neurofeedback solutions for your brain and general well-being. His Sorrento Valley office is convenient to both the 805 and 5 freeways and can be found here,  11230 Sorrento Valley Rd Suite 210. You can also call him for a free consultation at (858) 952-7660.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Under the Spotlight – Should You Try CBT?

Using CBTAlthough everyone’s mind works differently, there are certain automatic patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that both mild damaging reactions, such as irritation and anxiety, and severe mental and emotional problems like strong depression have in common.


CBT is all about identifying and changing these reactions in a conscious, deliberate way. The process of identification, however, has been considered by many as quite an intense experience, and not all are ready for it. Do you think you should try CBT?


The Importance of Identifying Exercises That Work for You


Like any expert in psychological care can tell you, not all methods work for everyone. What’s special about CBT, however, is that it involves a wide range of different exercises and behavioral shifting techniques that will definitely work for some if not all participants.


When considering cognitive behavioral therapy, however, it is essential to choose the right exercises, before even starting. Here are a few important tips in that regard:


  • Identify your problem as clearly as possible. Basic exercises to help with anxiety will likely not yield more than basic results when you have to dig deeper and solve problems involving trauma and depression.
  • Find a qualified expert to help you. CBT is still a complex psychological procedure, and you will need guidance in using it properly, even if some self-help courses can deliver a certain degree of success, depending on each case in part.
  • Don’t get discouraged if one exercise didn’t work for you. There are plenty of inventive methods that can make CBT work for you, and with the right professional working with you and encouraging you, positive results will be quick to show.


Getting Ready for Your First CBT Sessions

When it comes to dealing with the first few CBT sessions, you’ll find that it’s important to get into the right mindset. The process of identifying the problem can be quite difficult to deal with on a psychological level, and you need to keep in mind that no matter where it takes you, the ultimate goal is to identify the problem, so you can solve it.


So what’s the right mindset? It’s a relatively stable state of being that will allow you to relax and calmly evaluate past actions and events that may have led you to develop problematic behaviors and recurring negative emotional responses.


Making sure you can actually “click” with your therapist from the start is a great advantage as well, and you’ll find that bringing yourself into a state of emotional relief before the sessions begin will yield excellent results. Finally, make sure you are 100% committed to the changes that the therapy would require of you.


Clear, Positive Results

Although it can be somewhat of a rocky ride, the ultimate results of your CBT sessions will be that you’ll feel calmer, more relaxed, more in control of your situation and thinking, and better able to shift from destructive to constructive and positive beliefs about yourself.


With proper help and guidance from a qualified, professional CBT expert like Karen Kerschmann LCSW, all these results can be yours, and you no longer have to worry about anxiety, anger issues, trauma, or anything else you may have had a difficult time coping with in the past. Experts agree: you should definitely try CBT, if you want to improve your emotional well-being and change your life for the better.

Almost Anyone Can Benefit From Therapy

psychotherapyWhether you are passing through a tough moment in time, you are fighting old memories and regrets or you have just reached a point where you have no idea where to go, then you should definitely try getting some therapy. Modern psychotherapy can provide you with an insight into yourself and your own problems while also helping you gain a new perspective of the world and what you need to do to improve.

Therapy is not for crazy people

Contrary to what most people think or say, therapy is not just for “crazy people”. Even the word “crazy” is ambiguous and can refer to a person with mental illness or to someone passing a state of depression that may well have been caused by a traumatic even many people pass through, such as the loss of a loved one or getting fired from work. There are also successful people who go to therapy, and not because they are nuts, but because they have things and emotions they prefer not to burry under the rug, and face them now rather than later on, when they can return in strength. So if you think therapy is just crazy people, it’s not. By all definitions, “normal” people go to therapy too, as they too can be affected by depression, anxiety or uncertainty regarding the future.

It can help you understand yourself better

By talking to a therapist, you can share your problems and emotions, share experiences from the past, and get the opinion of an expert. You won’t get “fixed” as they say, but you will certainly understand the underlying causes of some problems, why you react in a certain way and how to get better.

It can provide you with the tools to help yourself

Besides understanding yourself better, therapy will also provide you with the tools to fight the very problems that are affecting you. You will learn to deal with stress better, manage your anger and find coping mechanisms that will help you get pass difficult moments.

It can help you gain a new perspective on the world

With a new mindset, you will certainly start to see the world in a different light. You will see people differently and improve relationships with both people who care about you as well as strangers. You will also see opportunities easier and make the most out of the moment.

You will gain more control and prepare for the future

With more control over your life, you will be better able to focus on making future plans. You will be better able to prepare yourself for future endeavors and challenges and succeed in anything you set your mind to doing, just because you know you can.

Find a reliable therapist near you

Whether you are going through such a terrible period that you feel disabled or you are experiencing anger, depression, anxiety or frustration due to missed opportunities, you should visit a therapist and try a few sessions, you might actually enjoy them. If you live here in San Diego, you can’t find a better therapist than Leslie Campbell at Five Tribes Therapy. Therapy sessions are great to learn more about yourself, learn how to fix problems on your own and how to regain control over your life with a reputable therapist near you.

Should You Consider a San Diego VA Loan?

San Diego VA LoanAre you looking to buy a brand new home for yourself or your family? VA loans are among the best options for veterans to gain the most significant benefits in closing a great deal for a new mortgage loan.

A VA loan will not require you to submit a down payment, and lower interest, as well as the advantage of lower costs due to the lack of mortgage private insurance will also apply. But how do you go about looking up the right VA loan provider, and can they really provide you with the assistance you need?

What to Consider When Looking For VA Loans

If you want to find the best solutions for VA loans in San Diego, you’ll find most mortgage providers and banks can offer plenty of support when it comes to evaluating your eligibility level and helping you get the actual funds you need for your new home.

In order to make sure that you have all the information required to make a good decision on which local VA mortgage loan provider to go with, however, it’s always important to observe the following recommendations:

• Be clear about how much you need. VA loans can provide you with excellent opportunities, even if you’re looking for a higher amount, and can often provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.
• It may be a good idea to look for full service lenders who can provide you with adequate mortgage information from the start, as well as full details on what documents you’ll need, how the process will work, and what the requirements might be for getting to the closing table more quickly.
• Gather all the information you need from the start, including employment history, an outline of your household income (gross monthly income), your military history, information about your current mortgages – if applicable – and your credit report. This data will help you figure out exactly what benefits you should be looking for and which financial institution may be able to provide you with exactly what you need.
• Always dig a little deeper when looking up a VA loan company in San Diego. When doing a detailed background check and checking out online reviews about the financial company or bank you want to evaluate, you’ll easily be able to determine whether or not they have the integrity, practical solutions and willingness to offer reliable support that you are looking for.

Can San Diego Financial Organizations Help You Out?

Most San Diego banks and financial organizations will usually be able to help you out in finding the most suitable offer for a mortgage loan that you can get. In most cases, you’ll find they will be able to provide you with even highly advantageous offers that you can benefit from even if your credit score isn’t all that good.

Aside from the most common benefits associated with VA loans, local San Diego lending institutions also provide you with improved support and better opportunities to get a reduced interest rate and higher eligibility chances. Essentially, you will quickly be able to gain access to your funds, and buy your new home in no time at all.

Handcrafted Wine Barrel Furniture For Your San Diego Home

Wine Barrel ChairsIf you are tired of all the cookie-cutter furniture pieces made from artificial materials, then you would surely be glad to learn about the new handcrafted wine barrel furniture produced by San Diego furniture maker Balazs Moldovan of the Hungarian Workshop. These furniture pieces are made from wine barrel staves, are a durable, comfortable and remarkably good looking addition to your home. remarkably good looking.

Improving the aesthetics of your home with natural Oak furniture

All of these furniture pieces are made from French Oak wine barrels. These retain the beauty of oak as well as the natural properties of wood. With a fine lines and curves and the intricate patterns of wood, no two furniture pieces looks alike. You would get unique handcrafted wine barrel furniture to beautify your home and compliment your pre-existing wooden furniture. You can purchase some fine chairs or love seats, or get a coffee table and enjoy quiet mornings and great evenings in the company of family and friends.

Furniture built to last

The staves taken from the oak barrels are strong yet elastic. The Oak wood isn’t just extremely resistant to breaking, but also to water, a thing which is what made them desirable in the wine making industry. You could be using an oaken chair or love seat in the comfort of your home or outdoors in your yard, thanks to the natural waterproofing of oak. Aside from the wood itself, the barrel furniture is also reinforced with high grade steel. What this means is that the furniture can resist heavy usage for years and years without breaking. You can expect to leave the handcrafted wine barrel furniture for your children when they grow up, especially when considering the resilience of Oak wine barrels that can last for decades.

Enjoying increased comfort

The Oak barrel staves aren’t just resistant, but due to their elasticity they can also be shaped and adjusted to be extremely comfortable. Balazs Moldovan gives these staves the right curvature so that the final chair will be comfortable to sit in even after hours. You can relax and have a cocktail or read for extended periods of time in these barrel chairs and love seats without getting the characteristic back pain associated with low end furniture. You also get comfortable coffee tables, where you can serve breakfast or sip from a freshly brewed coffee in the company of your spouse or friends.

An environmentally friendly solution

Another great thing about these barrel chairs is that they are recycled. All the barrels are taken from local breweries in California, so nothing is wasted even after the wine maturation is finished. No materials are wasted, and the French Oak wooden barrels get to serve for many more years as some of the most unique and comfortable furniture pieces available on the market.

So if you want something different from the rest, then this natural furniture is what you are looking for. Beautify your home and add comfort and functionality by getting handcrafted wine barrel furniture from the Hungarian Workshop of San Diego.

Enjoy San Diego by Taking Horseback Riding Lessons

san diego horseback ridingSan Diego has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and riding a horse is the best way to see it. Whether you like riding just for fun or you have ambitions of riding in national/international competitions, then you should read about the reasons to try taking horseback riding lessons provided by a trusted stable near you. Not only will you learn how to correctly ride your horse, but you will definitely enjoy it more while also allowing the horse to feel the same way as well.

Why is taking horse riding lessons important?

It is very important to learn how to properly ride a horse. While many people don’t know this, riding a horse is more than just learning a few commands and using the stirrups and driving the horse with your hands. First of all, riding a horse is about position, or how you sit. If you have the wrong posture, you won’t enjoy riding to the fullest. Not only that, but a wrong position would also mean that your weight isn’t distributed as it should and result in difficulties in riding your horse. Besides that, the horse itself might be bothered by an incorrect position as pressure might be on other parts of its body that shouldn’t take the load in the first place.

Avoiding correcting horse riding errors

By taking San Diego horseback riding lessons you also get to correct many other riding errors. Besides the incorrect position, there are many other common mistakes many riders make. One of these is looking down. While your horse does have a pair of eyes, it is you who has the responsibility to lead it. Looking down might be a natural reflex, especially when you aren’t sure about your position or where your feet are, but the idea is that you need to look in front of you.

Whether it is trail riding or obstacle riding, you always need to look in front of you to determine what the best route is. Not only that, but looking down would also mean that you are putting more weight in front that you should, hampering movements as well as reducing control. You also won’t feel the movement cues from the horse by leaning forward.

Another common mistake you can correct with horse riding lessons is the exaggerated use of hands. We humans have evolved to be extremely dexterous, and in fact that is probably one of the main factors that contributed to our species’ success. However, you don’t want to use only your hands when leading the horse. Horse riding is a whole body sport, which means you have to have the right posture, use your body weight and legs as well and not just your hands. Fortunately, a good horse trainer can help you correct all these problems and allow you to feel better when riding.

So, if you want to learn what true horse riding is all about, then you definitely need to take some horse riding lessons. Find a reputable farm or trainer offering San Diego horseback riding lessons and improve your skills and your horse riding experience.

Facts You Need to Know in Selecting a Perfect Wine – Part II

woman tasting wine

Continuation from Facts You Need to Know in Selecting a Perfect Wine – Part I

Toasting is regular at social events. This is going to lead to the classic tradition of glass clinking. Glasses can shatter if they’re not clinked right. Angle your glass so the rim points further away from your partner.

When picking out a wine glass, select one that’s big (around 20 to 22 oz). With this particular size, you can swirl the wine around more freely. Also, choose a glass wine that’s clear and narrow with an extended shank. Make sure that the glass curves slightly inward in the top.

Seek out internet advice about various wines. Locate a wine discussion forum and read the opinions until you feel confident enough to add your own thoughts. In the event you are not familiar with international wines, it is an excellent place to discover info. It’s possible for you to get enough tips to try several wines you’d not otherwise have considered.

Should you get a wine in a supermarket, remember the wine is likely meant for instant drinking. That’s mainly what a supermarket stocks, rather than aged wines. Do not attempt to decide an old wine believing it’ll be better. Only purchase the freshest and most recent.

It only makes senses to choose all guidance and reviews from wine “experts” with a grain of salt. No specialist in the world understands everything there’s to learn about wine, as well as the real specialists will acknowledge as much. Realize that a lot about the wine you select will be private taste.

When picking out a red wine, you must provide the wine an opportunity to breathe after opening. This provides the wine additional time to socialize together with the oxygen in the air. If you’re pressed for time, decant the wine via an aerator and into a decanter in order that it breathes correctly first.

In the event that you get great bottles of wine to sell them afterwards and make a profit, you need to choose your wine attentively. Look for wines which don’t have present popularity, and be sure they’re wines that hold nicely over time. Additionally, research to get the proper keeping temperature for your wines.

Not all expensive bottle of champagnes are the greatest choice. In case you would like to relish a gathering with your pals or mark a special event, the low priced sparkling wines provide a surprising choice. The flavor continues to be outstanding in lots of options and also the cost is unbeatable on the spot.

Look attentively at the wine bottle before you get it. Ensure the fill amount is at exactly the same height as in similar bottles. The wine should reach the neck of the bottle. Any type of flow is, in addition, a serious quality problem. All these are typically signals your wine was exposed to the atmosphere, that will hurt its flavor.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, matching a bottle of wine to a meal may be an arduous job in the event you have never done it before. Simply be sure to make use of the info mentioned above and you are certain to make a cool choice. And as always, remember to drink responsibly!

San Diego Honors Veterans That Serve The Country Well

San Diego pays honor to the men and women veterans who served and have made ultimate sacrifices to our country.

There are parades, air show, singing, and awarding to some veterans.

Retired Marine Col. Jay Vargas, a Medal of Honor recipient, told Fox5 San Diego that those who served in the armed forces made tremendous sacrifices.

“We’ll never forget our men and women who are on active duty today or even the veterans who have served in the past, because they have given so much to us,” Vargas said.

According to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, then-Maj. Vargas showed “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity” during a three-day firefight in 1968 in Vietnam, despite suffering from multiple wounds.

Other events around the region included the annual San Diego Veterans Day Parade along the downtown waterfront — which celebrated the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, a parade in Fallbrook, ceremonies at the El Cajon Veterans Memorial and a remembrance in San Marcos of armed forces members who fought in Korea.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Day was first declared in 1954 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower to honor all soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who served the nation. The holiday replaced what had been known as Armistice Day, which marked the end of World War I. Credits: San Diego Honors Veterans At Events Throughout The County

The celebration clearly remind each of us, especially to the young generation how fortunate we are by having these gallant men who made a choice to fight for us and our nations interest.

It is also a good venue to give inspiration to would be future combatants and leaders to our country.

May the celebration also fills the heart of our veterans on how much we appreciate what they have done for us.